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Hike Grading System

Every hike that ComeHike arranges is given a grade. The grade indicates the hike's type and difficulty as measured by the club's committee and hike leader when the annual hike programme is put together. 

The grading system was designed by the late Mike Lundy, a veteran hike leader who had enormous hiking experience. By taking note of the grading, hikers do not run the risk of embarking on a hike that is not suitable for them. The grading system is based on the two factors of a hike that are most commonly used to establish a hike's difficulty.

The number in the grade represents how tough the hike is physically. The actual duration of the hike is not considered here, as the duration of the hike is always indicated separately for every hike.

   1:   An easy stroll
   2:   Moderate
   3:   Strenuous exercise
   4:   Only for the very fit

The letter represents how exposed hikers are to heights during the hike.

   A:   No exposure to heights
   B:   Mild exposure to heights
   C:   Moderate exposure to heights
   D:   Very exposed to heights

One must thus always consider both the physical difficulty as well as the exposure to heights, as a particular hike may be an easy stroll, yet may contain a challenging piece of scrambling. Similarly a hike which runs on a flat surface, may be on a really rugged surface.

Please note that our grading system is intended as a reference only and the club cannot guarantee 100% accuracy.

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